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Probate, Guardian & Court Bonds

Hand Signing a Surety BondWorking with over 200 Law Firms and Professional Guardians in all Florida Jurisdictions, we offer expedited service– at NO extra charge, for Probate, Personal Representative/PR, Conservator, Guardian, Veterans Administration/VA Guardian, Professional Guardian Blanket, Receiver, Trust Bonds and other court bonds too many to name. It’s just the way we do things EVERY DAY. Our Bond Team works with bond requests all day, every day and really know what you need. And we get it done quickly.

Probate & Guardian Bonds Requested & Delivered with a 2 Hour Guarantee*!
WE SHINE when it comes to our Probate Bond Service (both Personal Representative & Guardian Bonds). And WE DELIVER! Our bonds come directly to you – ELECTRONICALLY via SECURE email. Ready for you to print out and have your Personal Representative or Guardian sign, to present to the court.

Why Other Bond Services Just Can’t Compete – We Have..

  • FREE encrypted EMAIL delivery with a 2 hour turnaround GUARANTEE!*
  • Simple process, speedy fast, efficient and secure with RPost Email Encryption Service.
  • Personal Representative Bonds of $50,000 & less, NO RENEWAL FEE.
  • Guardian Bonds which CANCEL with a copy of the ward’s death certificate.
  • Low bond rates.
  • Canadian Personal Representatives – NO PROBLEM!
  • US Citizen Personal Representatives living outside of Florida or the US – NO PROBLEM!
  • Experience. We’ve been processing bonds since 1978.

2 Hour Turnaround* Probate Bond Service – How it works:

  1. REQUEST A BOND by Fax (727-577-4991) or Emailing the completed Bond Request Form to prior to 3pm, week days. (Email requests & delivery can be encrypted for FREE – contact our Bond Team for details). Use our Probate Bond, Guardian Bond or Professional Guardian Blanket Bonds fill-able pdf Bond Request Form documents (no signatures yet).
  2. CONFIRMATION – our dedicated Bond Team confirms receipt of your Bond Request Form.
  3. EMAIL DELIVERY IN TWO HOURS* – An electronically sealed, fully executed Personal Representative or Guardian Bond is emailed to you within 2 hours. GUARANTEED*
  4. PRINT out your bond, and you are ready for the Personal Representative or Guardian to sign. All that’s left, is for your office to present the signed bond to the court.

Our Guarantee

If Vermost Insurance Agency does not email your probate or guardian bond within the conditions above, we will donate $25 in your firm’s name to one of these charities listed. Your choice! H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Tampa Bay or Suncoast Hospice.

*Probate and Guardian Bond Guarantee Exclusions:

We cannot guarantee the two-hour turnaround in the following instances: (Bonds will be processed quickly, but may fall outside of the two-hour time frame.)

  • Bond request received after 3pm on any weekday (or any holiday or weekend day)
  • Bond amount exceeds $250,000.
  • Bond or Fiduciary substitution or successor.
  • Decedent is presumed dead due to long absence.
  • Estate consists of an ongoing business.
  • Fiduciary is indebted to the estate.
  • Estate has been partially administered.
  • Bond is an additional bond for the estate or guardianship (bond increase or decrease).
  • Bond required on demand by interested person other than the Judge.
  • Guardianship funds are insurance proceeds.
  • Guardianship bond is for a minor.
  • Professional Guardian Blanket Bond, individual and corporate.
  • Court Bonds, not specifically Personal Representative or Guardianship.